We offer a range of removable appliances created to improve the health of your patients’ smiles. If you would like to order removable appliances in Bakersfield, California, from The Doctors Lab, please call or text us at 661-497-5307 to learn more.

Bleaching Trays

We offer bleaching trays that are made to easily fit your patients’ smiles and provide them with the best possible whitening results.

Custom Dentures and Custom Staining

For your patients who are missing most or all their teeth, we can create custom-made dentures designed to meet their exact oral health needs. We also provide custom staining to achieve the desired shade of tooth color.

Night Guards

We can help minimize the effects of teeth grinding by providing one of our durable night guards. You can get a set of night guards in two days for just $50.

Dentures Relines and Repairs

Over time, dentures can become worn out and often require maintenance. We can take your patients’ dentures and make them like new again with our reline and repair services.

Stay Plates

While your patient heals from their tooth extraction, we can provide a custom-made stay plate so they do not have to go without the normal function of their smile as they wait for their permanent restoration.

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